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Geschrieben von Thelias   
Montag, 6. November 2006

Nachdem ihr marvin eingegeben habt, könnt ihr mit der ^ -  Taste die Konsole aufrufen. Hier könnt ihr nachfolgende Cheats aufrufen:


Befehl Auswirkung
godUnverwundbarkeitsmodus Mode an/aus (unendlich Mana/Energie)
fullhealthLeben auffüllen
Man bekommt alle Items/Skills im Spiel
defeatsomething you should not use!
audio.fAmbientVolumesets the ambient volume
audio.fEffectVolumesets the effect volume
audio.fMasterVolumesets the master volume
audio.fMusicVolumesets the music volume
audio.fVoiceVolumesets the voice volume
camera.fAziSpeedScalescales the azimuth angle velocity around target (default: 1.0f)
camera.fElevSpeedScalescales the elevation angle velocity around target (default: 1.0f)
camera.fFieldOfViewtoggles the camera's field of view (default:90)
camera.fMaxDistToPlayer sets the maximum clamped distance to the player
camera.fMoveSpeedsets the movement speed of the free camera (default: 300.0f)
camera.fMoveSpeedAccelsets the movement speed modificator if pressed [SHIFT] (default: 3.0f)
camera.fMoveSpeedDeccelsets the movement speed modificator if pressed [CTRL] (default: 0.5f)
camera.fRelaxCamerasets the camera pos relax factor
camera.fRelaxDistsets the camera dist relax factor
camera.fRelaxFOVsets the camera fov relax factor
camera.fRelaxPlayersets the player pos relax factor
camera.fRelaxYAxissets the camera x axis relax factor
camera.fRelaxYAxissets the camera y axis relax factor
sets the current camera mode
camera.ShowPositionshows the current position of the camera
camera.ToggleModeChangeenables or disables the mode changes of the camera
caps.EntityProcessingRangeSpherechanges the EnterProcessing range, must be greater than the processing range
caps.EntityROIchanges the processing range, must be smaller than the EnterProcessingRange
caps.FarClippingPlanechanges far clipping plane
caps.FarClippingPlaneLowPolychanges far clipping plane for lowpoly mesh
caps.GlobalVisualLoDFactorGlobal property for visual mesh lodding: 1.0f = default value > 1.0 use only for high end systems, < 1.0 for slower machines
caps.RenderDebugtoggles rendering of entity debug infos
caps.ScreenObjectDistanceCullingSimple distance screen metric object distance culling used. Culls all objects under threshold
compile navigation(re-)compiles the navigation scene!
console.fontdefines the font of the output window
console.dimydefines the y height of the console in pixel (default 250)
console.dimxdefines the x width of the console in pixel (default: renderer width)
console.posydefines the y pos of the console in pixel (default 0)
console.posxdefines the x pos of the console in pixel (default:0)
console.filterleveldefines the spy filter level (default 5)
console.outputlinesdefines the number of buffered output lines in the console (default: 5000)
colorschemechoose next color scheme
controlcontrols the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+F)
DebugShowDiffMemshows memory diff output in zspy and traceview
DebugShowMemshows memory output in zspy and traceview
DisablePrefetcherDisables prefetcher
disposedisposes items from the inventory
dViewGameKeys()Prints all active gamekeys and debug-actions on screen (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+G)
editedits the current entity
EnablePrefetcherEnable prefetcher
focus.ShowTA()toggles the focus ai debug mode (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+A)
game.bTestModetoggles the testmode on or off, 0: off, 1: on (default:1)
game.Chat()start an irc chat session
game.ForceCrashguess what!
game.ForceFloatExceptioncauses a floating point exception!
game.SetTimeSets the World Time
game.ShowVersionprints out the current game version
game.WatchFPSopens a statistic control with fps output
giveplaces an instance of the given item in the player's inventory
gotobeams player and camera to the given entity
gotocamerabeams player to camera position (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+PAGE UP)
illumination.CycleLightningModescycles through all lightning modes (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+I)
illumination.CycleMovingLightcycles through all moving light modes (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+L)
illumination.SetPixelHemispherePixelLightningset the lightning to pixel hemisphere mode
illumination.SetSimpleLightningset the lightning to simple mode
illumination.SetVertexHemispherePixelLightningset the lightning to vertex hemisphere mode
illumination.SetVertexHemisphereVertexLightningset the lightning to vertex hemisphere mode
invisibilitysomething you should not use!
killsomething you should not use!
music.bEnableAutoUpdateenables or disables automatic updates
music.bEnableTriggersenables or disables accepting triggers
music.sDayTimesets the daytime
music.sLocationsets the location
music.sSituationsets the situation
PhysicFPSsteps the physicscene at [n] fps
physics.dToggleActorAxesToggles the visualization of the axes of the physic actors
physics.dToggleBodyAxesToggles the visualization of the axes of the bodies of the physic actors
physics.dToggleContactForceToggles the visualization of the contact forces acting on the bodies of the physic actors
play anisyntax: play ani [a1] [a2] [ib] [name] plays the ani [a1] to [a2] with optional blending [ib]
player.fForwardSpeedMaxsets the maximum forward speed of the player in m/sec (default: 300.0)
player.GotoStartPosition()beams the player to the starting point (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+H)
spawnspawns an instance of the given entity name
triggertriggers the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given
versionprints the engine version
quitcloses the application's window
historyprints the history of entered commands
helpprints a help line for each command
clearclears the console output
physics.dToggleBodyMassAxesToggles the visualization of the mass-axes of the bodies of the physic actors
physics.dToggleRaysShows ray debug lines (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+R)
physics.dToggleStatisticsShows some physics debug output
Remotedebuggerstarts a remote debugging session on the target machine [localhost], if nothing entered
show positiondisplay the current camera positiondisplay the current camera position
spy.AddCommentadds a comment line in the spy
stats.dToggleGlobal()Toggles global scene-debug-output (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+S)
teachteaches the specified spell(s) and/or skill(s)
timer.fTimeScalesets the time scale value (default: 1.0)
toggle memdebugtests the memory for corruptions (SLOW!)
untriggeruntriggers the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given
view.dShowLabels()visualizes all relevant label psets
view.dShowLights()visualizes all relevant light psets
view.dShowNavigation()visualizes all relevant navigation psets (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+N)
watchcontrols the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+W)
world.ToggleFolderenables or disables the given sector-folder
world.ToggleSectorenables or disables the given sector




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